For all "Men in Black" fans!  

In celebration of the third "Men in Black" film, alien races from across the Galaxy are sending their favorite Flashy Thingy models to Earth.


««««« “Really Fun App!

Love the style and the music of this app. Simple, sleek, and easy to use. Great for parties!”

««««« “Fun!

A fun app.  Music and sound effects are top notch”

««««« “Flashy!

This is a very creative take on the MIB-like flashy thingy.  Not just a quick knock off either.”

««««« “Nice work!

My son is a huge fan of the movies and he loves this App!”

Flashy Thingy turns your iPhone® into a flashing device to erase and replace people’s memories.


  1. -3 unique Flashy Thingy models,

        including a Steampunk version from the past!

 - Out of this world original music and sound effects

 - Flashes the screen & camera flash for a full 360° effect!

 - Beautiful retina graphics and animation

 - Simple instruction pages for each model

 - Email & feedback from within the app

Karian Flashy Pearl

        Holographic time controls

        Frensel lens for full 360° coverage

        Galactic impulse reactor flash

Snodovian Flick Cricket

        Compact but packs a huge punch

        Great for a quick flash

        15 minute increments

Tebonian Steam Blast

        A classic from the old world

        Combustion chamber is self sustaining energy source,            

                never needs re-fueling

        Golden geared time selection dials

        Arial luminescent flash source

The original music draws you into a world filled with alien visitors, creating an atmosphere synonymous to the movies.  The flash sound effects emphasize the unique nature of each model, and target the inferior colliculus of the midbrain to trigger the memory dispersion.  

The Original music and sound effects were created by Michael Tushaus

DISCLAIMER: This app is a parody of the devices from the “Men in Black” movie series.  This is an un-official entertainment app.  It does NOT include Flashy Thingy designs nor images from the movies.  It is not associated with the “Men in Black” films, their producers, nor studios.

© 2014  Scott Stevens

Watch the Flashy Thingy in use: