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digitalDAWG Media is an indie development studio located in Las Vegas. It is lead by award winning Founder and Creative Director, Scott Stevens. 

Scott brings over 30 years of experience in the Arts & Entertainment to digital media.  His theatrical experience includes many diverse outlets. 

Scott spent many years in prisons across the country.  He was the designer and IT specialist for the Geese Theatre Co. which worked exclusively in prisons.  From Sing Sing to San Quentin, Geese Co. provided specialized performances and workshops for all prison populations.  Scott’s interest in Apple started here.  In 1987 Geese Co. was awarded 2 Macintosh SE computers.  Scott developed custom Hypercard programs for a prison data base, and booking information for tours.

The Drama Therapy techniques from Geese Co. lead Scott to develop a set of specialized masks for a sexual abuse treatment program.  He worked with the child victims and adult perpetrators. 

His work with children continued in Colombia, South America, where he was the designer/technical director for Teatro Bambalinas.

Scott was the first MFA graduate from a new program in Dramatic Media at the University of Georgia.    The program explores the two-way relationship between theatre and the digital arts.   It emphasized the importance of dramatic principles and story telling techniques in computer animation.  Scott’s first project was awarded an Emmy Award.  The program also explored the use of computer graphics and video in live performances. 

When Scott isn’t in front of a computer he enjoys exploring the world.  Whether it be from the depths of the Grand Canyon (top photo), along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, or gazing at the top of the world from Mt. Everest Base Camp, Scott finds new perspectives in challenging himself.  In that same spirit digitalDAWG Media seeks to challenge the boundaries of digital media.

We have many exciting projects in the works.  

Thanks for stopping by.

- Scott