Light Pad HD

Turn your iPad into a light box to view 35mm slides,

negatives, and X-rays.

The specialized View Ports truly enhance the viewing experience.

This is best solution to assist you in sorting old photo formats before digitizing.


  1. -35mm Slide Page

  2. -35mm Negative Page

  3. -Medium / Large  Format Negative page

  4. -Free-form full white page

  5. -Use lock to hide buttons, etc.

  6. -Darkroom Red interface

  7. -White Viewports can be hidden/shown with a finger tap

  8. -Double tap to reset all Viewports

NEW updated:

  1. -iOS 7 and iPad Mini support

  2. -New Interface design

  3. -Brightness control in app

  4. -New Medium/Large formats sizes

  5. -New custom, free-form white view


««««« “A very simple app that does exactly what is needed.  If you have slides or negatives to review, put that bulky light box away and get this app!”

««««« “Having the mask around each slide, and touch to toggle the slides on and off really makes a difference when comparing slides side by side.  Simple but worth the price if you want a good light table”

© 2014  Scott Stevens